About this project

In 2010-2011, MIKAMO launched its program hermes_mission as a continuation and deepening of its previous concert activities. Hermes symbolizes the role of the messenger to exchange information – and in a figurative sense – the musical, cultural content between different cities of the cultural region of Central Europe. hermes_mission is made possible by the cooperation between MIKAMO and concert organizers in the Central European region. In 2011, an intercultural concert cycle was created, which in musical terms should lead to a permanent circulation of new works in this region, but also seeks to discover artistic elements that combine the multiple creative potential in Central Europe and encourage a sense of a common community.

In the concert programs, different sides of current developments in new music are highlighted. The innovative form of performance is part of this approach. For example, each program is detached from the classical concert scene through the reference to visual or scenic elements. In cooperation with projection artists (4youreye) and the inclusion of scenic representation (Beate Baron), experiments are being carried out on forms of performance that give the audience another level to approach the performed works.

The focus is on works by composers who exert a strong and important influence on the musical perception of our time. Many of them have a special relationship to the Central European region, whose critical or controversial attitude is reflected in their works.