MIKAMO Central European Chamber Orchestra was founded by critically acclaimed graduates of the Viennese University of Music and Performing Arts in 2007. The ensemble considers performances an act of music theatre anchored in contemporary music, art and thought, and regards historic music repertory as the extrapolation of new works from our time. MIKAMO promotes artistic continuity in definition of a Central European musical heritage, and is committed to collaborating with groundbreaking composers and artists of our time. The ensemble regularly performs in defining concert halls of Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Central Europe in general.

Music director

As a versatile conductor, composer and researcher with a flair for captivating the attention, emotions and intellect of audiences, Ajtony Csaba is a thought-provoking and imaginative artist.

The music director and conductor of the MIKAMO Central European Chamber Orchestra in Vienna since 2007 and music director and conductor of the UVic Symphony Orchestra in Victoria (Canada) since 2010, he is at home in the orchestral life of two continents. During his career, he has worked with leading orchestras worldwide, and he is equally comfortable in the orchestra pit and on the concert podium. He has been a frequent guest at the Darmstadt New Music Festival, SiMN (Curitiba, Brazil), Wien Modern and the Transparent Sound Festival in Budapest. He plays a vital part in the global contemporary music community with his imaginative curating in such positions as co-director of the SALT New Music Festival in Victoria (Canada) and artistic director of the NewSpiritMusic concert series in Budapest. The balanced use of extended and historical techniques and a genuine interest in glissando are the hallmarks of the music written by Ajtony Csaba, winning him prizes in Hungary, Austria, Canada and Germany. His music theatre gentle birth and his solo, ensemble, orchestra, choral and chamber music have been regularly performed in concert houses and at festivals around the world.

In performance, composition and research Ajtony Csaba explores the notion of gestures in music. Passionate about passing on his knowledge and experience to others, he is conducting professor at the University of Victoria and regularly conducts masterclasses at renowned institutions in Europe and North America.


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